InnoCare CEO Heather Shantora speaks at technology innovation event

InnoCare CEO Heather Shantora attended RehabTO technology innovation and collaboration event at Ryerson University in Toronto.

Heather spoke to a large audience of health practitioners, independent clinic owners, and health technology advocates at the RehabTO “Meet Up” event at Ryerson University’s DMZ facility. Ryerson’s DMZ facility is Canada’s largest university based business incubator for emerging tech companies, ranking first in North America and third in the world. The RehabTO event was an ideal setting for Heather to connect directly with a large group of stakeholders and for the InnoCare new business team to demo and showcase InnoCare Software.

InnoCare is the first Canadian company to provide clinic owners with the ability to focus solely on patient care. By providing call centre services and removing the burden of administrative functions such as billing, payroll, marketing, and HR, InnoCare’s business outsource offerings enhance customer service and improve the patient experience.

In particular, InnoCare Software’s unique integrations with health and motor vehicle insurance carrier billing portals were met with enthusiasm by attendees. As the only software platform with these billing integrations in Canada, InnoCare is emerging as a clear market leader with a strong and unique value proposition for clinic owners in the Canadian rehabilitation market.

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