ingenie 2017 Young Driver Report

ingenie publishes 2017 Young Driver Report

Young driver insurance brand, ingenie, has released its 2017 Young Driver Report exploring the real world of 17 to 25-year-old drivers. Comprising ingenie’s telematics data, industry figures and opinions from the thousands-strong ingenie community, it covers topics ranging from crash rates to drug driving as well as the rising cost of motor insurance for young drivers in the UK.

The report comments on distracted driving, as the new driving laws with tougher penalties for drivers caught using their mobile phones came into force on 1 March. ingenie notes in the report, “Unfortunately, for young drivers, distraction is even more of a big deal. Young drivers don’t have a fully developed hazard perception centre in their brain until around 25, so newer drivers have to be actively concentrating at all times.”

A few interesting findings:

  • ingenie’s average premium for a 17-year-old is £1,443 compared to an industry average of £2,112
  • 52% of young respondents said they either had a black box policy or were considering it
  • 58% of ingenie’s Twitter following said they never use their phone in the car
  • The driving test pass rate is 50% and each retake adds a minimum of £206 to the cost of learning
  • 52% of young drivers told ingenie they thought they’d be fine to drive the day after smoking cannabis
  • 47% of ingenie’s survey respondents said they consider their parents as best friends

For the full analysis, read ingenie’s report. You can also find it for download on iTunes.