ingenie’s data technology at the core of ANWB Road Safety Initiative in the Netherlands

ingenie has signed a 5 year licence agreement with ANWB, The Royal Dutch Touring Club that takes a substantial step towards improving road safety in the Netherlands.

Developed with its insurance subsidiary, Unigarant, ANWB’s Safe Driving Scheme will reward safer drivers with much more affordable insurance with discounts of up to 30%.

ingenie’s suite of data analytics and advanced algorithms developed over millions of driver miles have already been customised for the Dutch market for ANWB as part of a pre-launch pilot.  This technology is core to the proposition, providing a clear picture of how the customer is driving, which is delivered via a smartphone based app to drivers. Customers receive a driving score and regular advice and feedback on how they can improve their driving behaviour.  Good driving is rewarded with quarterly discounts of up to 30% over the year.

ingenie will provide its scoring, analytics, process design and telematics technology expertise, whilst Unigarant will provide all the insurance administration for ANWB’s insurance brand.

Cara Hurlock, Chief Customer Officer of ingenie’s B2B division, said: “Our experience in the UK market shows that relevant and engaging feedback together with a financial incentive improves driver behaviour and reduces the frequency of accidents.  This scheme, is a significant step forward in improving road safety through the development of the mass market in telematics products.”

Frits van Bruggen, ANWB CEO said: “In building our capability, we were conscious that we had to have a credible partner, whose industry experience could accurately monitor and communicate driver behaviour. This measurement and conclusion will have a direct impact not only on road safety but an impact on the premiums drivers pay for their insurance. We are confident that ingenie base algorithms are the strongest in the Industry today.”

Watchstone Group plc CEO Indro Mukerjee added: “We are delighted that ANWB has chosen ingenie’s technology and business model as the core enabler for its new telematics-led Safe Driving Scheme and we look forward to helping ANWB grow this new business line.”

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