InnoCare Engage Release

InnoCare Launches Engage: A Fully Automated & Personalised Email Marketing Tool for Clinicians

InnoCare has released Engage, an automated and personalised email marketing system strategically designed to increase clinic revenue. Engage helps clinicians maintain relationships with their patients by recommending appropriate health care products, cross referring them to clinic services, reaching out when a patient self-discharges to encourage them to complete their treatment plan and attend future appointments.

Integrated with InnoCare Charting+, ‘trigger-based’ emails are sent at specific intervals during the patient’s treatment journey. Unlike traditional email platforms that require spreadsheet uploads and email development, Engage pulls data automatically from Charting+, alleviating the challenges and trepidation clinicians and their staff have with managing email marketing campaigns. Engage does all the heavy lifting, helping busy practitioners stay in-touch with their patients through meaningful and relevant content.

Engage emails are sent after specific events such as missed appointments. “We know that patient “fall-off” is a critical issue for clinics and patients alike,” InnoCare CEO, Heather Shantora, explains. “With Engage, practitioners will have peace of mind knowing that the program will automatically reach out if a patient has missed an appointment with a friendly reminder encouraging them to complete their treatment plan.”  The automated emails are based on recommendations the clinician made during appointments and documented within Charting+. Following the appointment, a patient receives a follow-up email that may be about a recommended health care product, contain an exercise guide, or cross refers a clinic service that supports the patient’s recovery goals.

Engage is another innovative product that further differentiates InnoCare as a health care technology leader focused on developing tools and services that improve clinic efficiency, grow practices, and improve clinical outcomes. In addition, all communications sent through Engage meet Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) requirements and contain relevant, personalised content that aligns with the patient’s unique treatment plan.

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