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InnoCare CEO Heather Shantora highlights need for healthcare technology on CTV

Heather Shantora, CEO of InnoCare joins the CTV Halifax Morning Live team to discuss a recent survey that finds Canadians want more technology in the delivery of their healthcare. Noting that wait times for specialists in Canada’s Atlantic provinces is between 31 and 35-weeks, Shantora notes that these wait times could be reduced with the appropriate application of available healthcare technologies, such as EMRs like InnoCare’s Charting+.

Discussing the results of the Research & Incite survey, Shantora posits that Canadians want the type of technology they already experience in other sectors like banking. Highlighting that banking information is just as sensitive and private as health information, Shantora says it is possible to use available technology to meet patient demands. 52% of Atlantic Canadians want access to their medical records, better access to care, more information, and sharing of information between practitioners.

Watch the entire CTV Morning Live segment below:


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