Hubio Fleet debuts its real-time fleet tracking solution at Van & Truck show

Watchstone Group plc (“Watchstone”) is pleased to announce the launch of Hubio Fleet ( Hubio Fleet is a provider of simple, low-cost vehicle tracking designed to improve driving behaviour, lower the cost of fleet operation, increase productivity and minimise vehicle wear and tear.

Built on Hubio’s proprietary platform for the usage-based insurance industry and Road Angel Fleet’s experience within the commercial vehicle market, Hubio Fleet enables fleet managers and operators to track their drivers and vehicles using a web-based portal.

Andrew Betteley, Chief Technology Officer for Connected Car said: “What fleet managers want is a simple and cost-effective tracking tool that drives real change. Our dashboard gives an overview of an entire fleet’s driving performance and the ability to drill down into individual driver behaviour enabling personalised feedback. These insights lead to improved driving style, which minimises the risk of accidents and reduces fuel costs by up to 15% for fleet operators.”

Hubio Fleet offers two tracking devices – an OBD plugin that is plugged directly into a vehicle’s on-board diagnostics port (OBD port) by the user and a black box that is professionally fitted and located out of sight.

Data from the devices (GPS location, speed, acceleration, and braking) is then transmitted over the mobile phone network to the fleet manager or owner-operator who can see where their drivers are in real-time on a Google map, with Street View built-in.

Indro Mukerjee, Group CEO of Watchstone said: “In line with our commitment, Hubio Fleet has launched this month. Using our proven telematics tracking platform, we have developed a compelling user interface and a go-to-market approach based on competitive pricing. We will target small to medium size fleets initially in the UK. This telematics market gives Hubio the opportunity for rapid business development and growth.”

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