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ingenie appoints Selim Cavanagh as Chief Executive Officer

ingenie, the young driver telematics insurer leading behavioural change, is pleased to announce the appointment of Selim Cavanagh as Chief Executive Officer.  Selim joins from LexisNexis Risk Solutions, where he held various senior roles including VP Telematics, VP Motor Insurance and MD of its Wunelli telematics business unit.

ingenie comprises a young driver insurance specialist and an international telematics provider, both leading the market with a data-driven approach to behavioural change. ingenie will benefit from Selim’s 20 years of experience in delivering data, IT and research-based insurance solutions.

Selim is an Associate of the Chartered Insurance Institute and was previously Commercial Director of Insurance at Experian, where he focused on growth, innovation and technology developments with the UK’s largest insurers. Prior to Experian, Selim had seven years at AXA, culminating in the role of Distribution Director, Personal Lines Intermediary. He has also worked with international markets such as Australia and continental Europe.

Selim Cavanagh said: “I am excited to be joining such a renowned business in the fast-growing telematics market and I look forward to getting to know the team and leading the business to further success.”

Selim will work closely with the existing senior management team in building on the previous developments from ingenie and driving future growth.


About ingenie

ingenie is a young driver insurance brand that rewards good driving without discounts. Using a black box fitted out of sight in the driver’s car, ingenie builds up a picture of their driving style and sends feedback to help them improve. The driver then gets discounts each quarter based on how they’ve been doing – up to 21% off over the year.

ingenie Business recognises that insurers are demanding new ways to address the challenges of high claims frequency, low customer engagement and disappointing loss ratios. ingenie Business sees beyond the technology to deliver a transformational impact on road safety, customer engagement and loss ratios to its insurance partners

ingenie has won numerous tech, insurance and road safety awards for its approach, including the Prince Michael International Road Safety Award.


The ingenie system

ingenie fits a black box in the driver’s car, then uses a suite of 200+ proprietary algorithms to build up a picture of their individual driving style.

The driver gets a score out of 100 through the ingenie app, along with regular feedback to help them improve. Poor driving triggers more serious messages to the driver, and ingenie’s Driver Behaviour Unit may get in touch to give them extra help. Good driving is rewarded with quarterly discounts, worth up to 21% over the year.

The ingenie approach means customers save an average of £400 when taking out a policy, with 7 out of 10 receiving further discounts through safe driving. Average savings upon renewal are around £500 and 90% earn their first year’s No Claims Discount.

CPA InnoCare Partnership

InnoCare Ltd Partners with the Canadian Physiotherapy Association to Provide Patient Generating Tools to Clinics

InnoCare Ltd is pleased to announce participation in the Canadian Physiotherapy Association’s (CPA) newly launched Business Solutions program.

Through the Business Solutions Program, CPA members have access to strategic partners and exclusive savings designed to help physiotherapists run and manage profitable clinics.

InnoCare has developed an exclusive CPA member package offering that combines the clinic call answer service, Connect, and patient sharing program, Boost. These two service offerings are specifically designed to help physiotherapists grow their patient base as well as improve clinic front desk efficiencies.

Connect allows clinics to extend their hours without added staffing costs, capture more patient leads and free up staff time to focus on patient care. Boost is InnoCare’s exclusive preferred provider network that helps clinics quickly and easily grow their patient caseload.

“InnoCare is thrilled to be able to help CPA members grow their business while allowing clinicians to focus on delivering high-quality care,” said Heather Shantora, CEO of InnoCare Ltd., a healthcare technology company and industry leader in the provision of clinic management software and services. “We are confident this partnership will help CPA members thrive. Connect call answering coupled with Boost will help CPA members grow their practice without added administrative burden” Shantora added.

“Partnering with InnoCare Ltd. offers great value to our membership base, giving clinicians access to a partner that specializes in clinic management and is focused on improving the delivery of healthcare in Canada,” said Megan Griffiths, CPA’s Membership Program Manager. “InnoCare brings a wealth of knowledge and valuable resources to our membership through this partnership.”

About InnoCare

InnoCare Ltd. is a Canadian healthcare market leader focused on the development of innovative healthcare technology designed to anticipate and respond to the growing needs of Canadian healthcare professionals and patients. InnoCare provides propriety cloud-based practice management software and back office administrative support services designed specifically for independent clinic owners across Canada. These services include a Canada-wide network of paramedical healthcare clinics, a state of the art call centre, centralized billing, marketing, HR, and payroll services. For more information, please visit:

About the Canadian Physiotherapy Association

The Canadian Physiotherapy Association (CPA) represents over 14,000 physiotherapists, physiotherapist assistants and physiotherapy students across Canada. CPA members are rehabilitation professionals dedicated to the health, mobility, and fitness of Canadians.

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Guidewire Software Announces Hubio as New Solution Alliance Partner

Hubio publishes its first Ready for Guidewire accelerator to help Canadian insurers fulfill regulatory requirements

TORONTO and FOSTER CITY, Calif., November 6, 2017

Guidewire Software (NYSE: GWRE), a provider of software products to Property and Casualty (P&C) insurers, today announced that Hubio, a provider of technology solutions for P&C insurers, has joined the Guidewire PartnerConnect™ program as a Solution member.

A newly available Hubio regul8 for PolicyCenter Ready for Guidewire accelerator makes it easier for an insurance company using Guidewire PolicyCenter® to avoid the costs, time and challenges involved with building a custom solution to meet the data filing requirements of Canadian regulators. The regul8 accelerator helps to ensure accurate and complete data is provided for all regulatory reporting. Data from policy transactions is extracted from Guidewire PolicyCenter® and when combined with Hubio’s regul8 is automatically formatted to meet regulatory requirements.

“Regulatory reporting is important in any new core system replacement, and is often a complex, time-consuming process,” said Phil Henville, CEO, Hubio Exchange. “The addition of the regul8 for PolicyCenter accelerator to the Guidewire Marketplace will benefit our mutual customers, making a pre-built solution available to ensure regulatory requirements are addressed cost-effectively, reliably and accurately.”

Hubio’s regul8 for PolicyCenter Ready for Guidewire accelerator supports insurers by:

  • Automating the extraction of full policy lifecycle data from PolicyCenter and formatting it to meet regulatory requirements;
  • Ensuring data is accurate and complete and improving submission quality; and
  • Allowing business users to oversee regulatory submissions.

This first integration accelerator from Hubio has successfully completed the Ready for Guidewire validation process and is eligible to use the Ready for Guidewire mark. This mark designates that the accelerator has been through a rigorous review process that supports readiness for integration with Guidewire InsuranceSuite™ products.

“Hubio’s regul8 for PolicyCenter accelerator gives insurers access to a software solution that helps them meet their regulatory reporting needs,” said Neil Betteridge, vice president, Strategy, Guidewire Software. “We are pleased to welcome Hubio as a PartnerConnect Solution partner and to provide Ready for Guidewire designation for the regul8 for PolicyCenter accelerator.”

About Hubio Exchange

Hubio digital solutions connect P&C insurers to the outside world, communicating with brokers, policy holders, and third parties through technology to drive growth, reduce costs and pursue improved customer interaction. Hubio has provided industry leading solutions to Canadian insurers for over 15 years. For more information, please visit:

About Guidewire PartnerConnect and Ready for Guidewire

Guidewire PartnerConnect™ is a global network of select companies that provide consulting services and solutions to enhance, extend, and complement the capabilities of Guidewire products. Our worldwide community helps contribute to the success of our mutual customers in the P&C insurance industry by delivering Guidewire software implementations, value-add solution and technology offerings, and guidance on insurance industry best practices.

Ready for Guidewire accelerators developed by PartnerConnect Solution members have been rigorously reviewed by Guidewire, adhere to Guidewire software design principles, and meet established criteria. The accelerators are published on Guidewire Marketplace and are available for download by Guidewire customers at no charge.

Guidewire PartnerConnect is an invitation-only program. For more information about Guidewire PartnerConnect please visit

About Guidewire Software

Guidewire delivers the software that Property and Casualty (P&C) insurers need to adapt and succeed in a time of rapid industry change. We combine three elements – core operations, data and analytics, and digital engagement – into a technology platform that enhances insurers’ ability to engage and empower their customers and employees. More than 300 P&C insurers around the world have selected Guidewire. For more information, please visit Follow us on twitter: @Guidewire_PandC.

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InnoCare CEO Heather Shantora highlights need for healthcare technology on CTV

Heather Shantora, CEO of InnoCare joins the CTV Halifax Morning Live team to discuss a recent survey that finds Canadians want more technology in the delivery of their healthcare. Noting that wait times for specialists in Canada’s Atlantic provinces is between 31 and 35-weeks, Shantora notes that these wait times could be reduced with the appropriate application of available healthcare technologies, such as EMRs like InnoCare’s Charting+.

Discussing the results of the Research & Incite survey, Shantora posits that Canadians want the type of technology they already experience in other sectors like banking. Highlighting that banking information is just as sensitive and private as health information, Shantora says it is possible to use available technology to meet patient demands. 52% of Atlantic Canadians want access to their medical records, better access to care, more information, and sharing of information between practitioners.

Watch the entire CTV Morning Live segment below:


For more information about InnoCare, please visit

InnoCare sponsors 5th Annual National Forum on Patient Experience

InnoCare is Official Sponsor for Forum on Patient Experience 2017

InnoCare is proud to be an official sponsor for the 5th Annual National Forum on Patient Experience, Canada’s first and longest-running patient experience event. The event attracts hundreds of delegates from across Canada to discuss the patient experience in all aspects of healthcare.

InnoCare CEO Heather Shantora will speak alongside other key healthcare influencers on the importance of leveraging technology to improve the patient experience and access to healthcare. We are excited to partner with Strategy Institute to help drive meaningful change in Canadian healthcare through the use of technology. The 5th Annual National Forum on Patient Experience is being held from September 26th to 27th at the Holiday Inn Toronto International Airport in Toronto, Ontario.

To find out more about InnoCare, please visit

InnoCare Engage Release

InnoCare Launches Engage: A Fully Automated & Personalised Email Marketing Tool for Clinicians

InnoCare has released Engage, an automated and personalised email marketing system strategically designed to increase clinic revenue. Engage helps clinicians maintain relationships with their patients by recommending appropriate health care products, cross referring them to clinic services, reaching out when a patient self-discharges to encourage them to complete their treatment plan and attend future appointments.

Integrated with InnoCare Charting+, ‘trigger-based’ emails are sent at specific intervals during the patient’s treatment journey. Unlike traditional email platforms that require spreadsheet uploads and email development, Engage pulls data automatically from Charting+, alleviating the challenges and trepidation clinicians and their staff have with managing email marketing campaigns. Engage does all the heavy lifting, helping busy practitioners stay in-touch with their patients through meaningful and relevant content.

Engage emails are sent after specific events such as missed appointments. “We know that patient “fall-off” is a critical issue for clinics and patients alike,” InnoCare CEO, Heather Shantora, explains. “With Engage, practitioners will have peace of mind knowing that the program will automatically reach out if a patient has missed an appointment with a friendly reminder encouraging them to complete their treatment plan.”  The automated emails are based on recommendations the clinician made during appointments and documented within Charting+. Following the appointment, a patient receives a follow-up email that may be about a recommended health care product, contain an exercise guide, or cross refers a clinic service that supports the patient’s recovery goals.

Engage is another innovative product that further differentiates InnoCare as a health care technology leader focused on developing tools and services that improve clinic efficiency, grow practices, and improve clinical outcomes. In addition, all communications sent through Engage meet Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) requirements and contain relevant, personalised content that aligns with the patient’s unique treatment plan.

For more information about Engage, please visit

Indro Mukerjee with ingenie logo

Spotlight on ingenie

Watchstone Group is pleased to share a spotlight video on our ingenie business. This video features the Watchstone Group CEO, Indro Mukerjee and Mike Ketteringham and Cara Hurlock from the ingenie senior management team as they talk about ingenie’s success to date as an insurtech pioneer.

They explain how the business was founded on a passion for road safety and driven by innovation in data and technology that underpins everything. Building on the wealth of data and deep expertise in insurtech, they share their excitement on ingenie’s strong position for future growth.

Heather Shantora at Accelerate Summit 2017

InnoCare CEO Heather Shantora reveals launch of new feature at Accelerate Summit

Heather Shantora was the keynote speaker at the Clinic Accelerate Business Summit in Toronto, Ontario earlier this month. The sold-out event was the first of its kind in Canada bringing together industry experts and practicing rehabilitation professionals focused on business growth, process improvements and identifying efficiencies.

Shantora spoke to clinic owners from across Canada about the role of technology in improving patient care and optimising clinic operations. Speaking with her significant experience in the allied healthcare sector, Shantora shared examples of operational successes achieved at the helm of pt Health with the implementation of InnoCare Software.

InnoCare Software has provided 360-degree visibility on clinic operations that has led to actionable data in making intelligent business decisions. One such action is improving patient visit averages (PVA) with the development of InnoCare Engage, an automated email communication tool integrated with Charting+.  Shantora explained how through Engage, patients receive trigger based and personalised emails at specific time intervals during the patient’s treatment journey. Engage not only helps clinicians maintain relationships to prevent patient “fall-off” but the tool can also recommend products and cross refer clinic services to improve clinic revenue.

InnoCare will be launching Engage in the next few weeks. “InnoCare Engage will simplify patient communication, relationship management and grow clinic revenue”, explained Shantora, “Busy clinicians will have peace of mind with the click of a button”.

For more information about InnoCare, please visit

InnoCare - Ontario Chiropractic Association

InnoCare Ltd the Official 2017 Continuing Education Partner for The Ontario Chiropractic Association

The Continuing Education Committee of the Ontario Chiropractic Association (OCA) has selected InnoCare Ltd as the OCA’s continuing education sponsor of 2017.

InnoCare is proud to be the 2017 Continuing Education Partner for the OCA. InnoCare CEO Heather Shantora notes “continuing education plays a vital role in providing quality care to Canadians. That’s why we are honoured to be an educational partner with the OCA.”

InnoCare is committed to providing ongoing educational support and professional development to approximately 3,500 OCA members. In addition to quarterly webinars, InnoCare’s participation contributes to delivering a professional development curriculum offered to OCA members, helping them build and nourish success in practice.


About The Ontario Chiropractic Association

The OCA represents Ontario’s chiropractors. Established in 1929, the Ontario Chiropractic Association (OCA) is a voluntary professional association whose mission is to serve members and the public by advancing the understanding and use of chiropractic care.

For additional information about OCA, please visit


About InnoCare

InnoCare Ltd. is a Canadian healthcare market leader focused on the development of innovative healthcare technology designed to anticipate and respond to the growing needs of Canadian healthcare professionals and patients. InnoCare provides propriety cloud-based practice management software and back office administrative support services designed specifically for independent clinic owners across Canada. These services include a Canada-wide network of paramedical healthcare clinics, a state of the art call centre, centralized billing, marketing, HR, and payroll services.

For additional information about InnoCare, please visit


Hubio will chair the Next Generation Claims Workshop at the TINtech 2017 Conference

At Hubio, we work with our customers to deliver innovative, technological solutions to the insurance industry. We will be attending TINtech, the industry’s leading technology strategy event on Thursday 15th June in London.

As digital technologies continue to pervade and underpin every aspect of insurance, it’s never been a more critical time to devise and implement an effective technology strategy – the key challenge is bringing IT and the business together to deliver successful change.

Neil Thomson, Strategic Sales Director at Hubio, will be chairing the Next Generation Claims Technology Workshop which will discuss how to successfully transform claims to meet digital customer expectations, improve efficiencies and drive up retention.  The Workshop will examine claims processes, change management and leveraging new technologies.

For more information on the event, please visit the TINtech website

For more information on Hubio, please visit