Indro Mukerjee with ingenie logo

Spotlight on ingenie

Watchstone Group is pleased to share a spotlight video on our ingenie business. This video features the Watchstone Group CEO, Indro Mukerjee and Mike Ketteringham and Cara Hurlock from the ingenie senior management team as they talk about ingenie’s success to date as an insurtech pioneer.

They explain how the business was founded on a passion for road safety and driven by innovation in data and technology that underpins everything. Building on the wealth of data and deep expertise in insurtech, they share their excitement on ingenie’s strong position for future growth.

Heather Shantora at Accelerate Summit 2017

InnoCare CEO Heather Shantora reveals launch of new feature at Accelerate Summit

Heather Shantora was the keynote speaker at the Clinic Accelerate Business Summit in Toronto, Ontario earlier this month. The sold-out event was the first of its kind in Canada bringing together industry experts and practicing rehabilitation professionals focused on business growth, process improvements and identifying efficiencies.

Shantora spoke to clinic owners from across Canada about the role of technology in improving patient care and optimising clinic operations. Speaking with her significant experience in the allied healthcare sector, Shantora shared examples of operational successes achieved at the helm of pt Health with the implementation of InnoCare Software.

InnoCare Software has provided 360-degree visibility on clinic operations that has led to actionable data in making intelligent business decisions. One such action is improving patient visit averages (PVA) with the development of InnoCare Engage, an automated email communication tool integrated with Charting+.  Shantora explained how through Engage, patients receive trigger based and personalised emails at specific time intervals during the patient’s treatment journey. Engage not only helps clinicians maintain relationships to prevent patient “fall-off” but the tool can also recommend products and cross refer clinic services to improve clinic revenue.

InnoCare will be launching Engage in the next few weeks. “InnoCare Engage will simplify patient communication, relationship management and grow clinic revenue”, explained Shantora, “Busy clinicians will have peace of mind with the click of a button”.

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InnoCare - Ontario Chiropractic Association

InnoCare Ltd the Official 2017 Continuing Education Partner for The Ontario Chiropractic Association

The Continuing Education Committee of the Ontario Chiropractic Association (OCA) has selected InnoCare Ltd as the OCA’s continuing education sponsor of 2017.

InnoCare is proud to be the 2017 Continuing Education Partner for the OCA. InnoCare CEO Heather Shantora notes “continuing education plays a vital role in providing quality care to Canadians. That’s why we are honoured to be an educational partner with the OCA.”

InnoCare is committed to providing ongoing educational support and professional development to approximately 3,500 OCA members. In addition to quarterly webinars, InnoCare’s participation contributes to delivering a professional development curriculum offered to OCA members, helping them build and nourish success in practice.


About The Ontario Chiropractic Association

The OCA represents Ontario’s chiropractors. Established in 1929, the Ontario Chiropractic Association (OCA) is a voluntary professional association whose mission is to serve members and the public by advancing the understanding and use of chiropractic care.

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About InnoCare

InnoCare Ltd. is a Canadian healthcare market leader focused on the development of innovative healthcare technology designed to anticipate and respond to the growing needs of Canadian healthcare professionals and patients. InnoCare provides propriety cloud-based practice management software and back office administrative support services designed specifically for independent clinic owners across Canada. These services include a Canada-wide network of paramedical healthcare clinics, a state of the art call centre, centralized billing, marketing, HR, and payroll services.

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Hubio will chair the Next Generation Claims Workshop at the TINtech 2017 Conference

At Hubio, we work with our customers to deliver innovative, technological solutions to the insurance industry. We will be attending TINtech, the industry’s leading technology strategy event on Thursday 15th June in London.

As digital technologies continue to pervade and underpin every aspect of insurance, it’s never been a more critical time to devise and implement an effective technology strategy – the key challenge is bringing IT and the business together to deliver successful change.

Neil Thomson, Strategic Sales Director at Hubio, will be chairing the Next Generation Claims Technology Workshop which will discuss how to successfully transform claims to meet digital customer expectations, improve efficiencies and drive up retention.  The Workshop will examine claims processes, change management and leveraging new technologies.

For more information on the event, please visit the TINtech website

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League and InnoCare

InnoCare Ltd. and League Team Up to Streamline Access to Health Clinics for Canadians

InnoCare Ltd. announces a new partnership in the extended health benefits industry. Pairing with League Inc., the digital alternative to traditional health insurance, InnoCare will add their Canada-wide network of clinics to League’s comprehensive list of healthcare providers.

Known for their innovative approach to health benefits, League provides a digital platform connecting employers and consumers with health and wellness service providers. Unlike traditional employee health benefits, League unlocks restrictive caps and allows employees to use their allotted spend on the services they need most.

“We are delighted to join such a progressive Canadian company in the provision of wellness solutions. Combining our extensive network of clinics with League’s consumer-first service offering means we can extend our reach and help even more Canadians get the care they need,” states Heather Shantora, CEO of InnoCare.

InnoCare’s extensive Canada-wide network of health clinics offers a variety of paramedical services including physiotherapy, massage therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic care and more, all in an interdisciplinary clinic setting. InnoCare is dedicated to building efficiencies through the use of technology to streamline care and get patients healthy, faster.

Michael Serbinis, Founder and CEO of League, built the platform to help people better prioritize their health. “Employers are seeing the value in providing their employees with improved access to quality healthcare services like InnoCare. The ability to manage the entire process through a seamless, end-to-end digital experience makes it easy.” Through this partnership, both companies hope to continue to push for innovation in the delivery and management of healthcare services in Canada.


About League
League Inc. is the new digital alternative to traditional health insurance that connects employers and employees to a comprehensive network of health services and benefits, giving them unparalleled choice, convenience and value. League unlocks employee benefits to give everyone the power to act every day and live longer, healthier, happier lives. League Insurance Agency Inc. is a licensed subsidiary of League Inc.

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About InnoCare
InnoCare Ltd. is a Canadian healthcare market leader focused on the development of innovative healthcare technology designed to anticipate and respond to the growing needs of Canadian healthcare professionals and patients. InnoCare provides propriety cloud-based practice management software and back office administrative support services designed specifically for independent clinic owners across Canada. These services include a Canada-wide network of paramedical healthcare clinics, a state of the art call centre, centralized billing, marketing, HR, and payroll services.

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pt Health online store

pt Health Launches Online Store

pt Health, a leader in the delivery of physiotherapy care expands into e-commerce.

pt Health, one of Canada’s largest chains of allied healthcare clinics, known for the delivery of physiotherapy, massage therapy, chiropractic care, acupuncture, and other wellness services, is proud to announce the launch of its online Product Store. pt Health Product Store launched May 1st, 2017, it features health and wellness products to suit every need.

pt Health’s online Product Store offers the same great products as their clinics. While also expanding their product offerings significantly, including a wide selection of seat cushions and backrests, pain management solutions, as well as vitamins and supplements. Peter Ruttan, Vice President of pt Health, underscores the importance of this expansion, saying, “In addition to our 230 corporate and network clinics located across Canada, our patients will now have 24/7 access to the products they need. This is a great opportunity for us to ensure Canadians get both excellent care and the products they need to support their recovery at home.” Heather Shantora, CEO of pt Health, adds, “we are excited to expand our service offering into online shopping. This expansion into a multichannel patient experience really marks a turning point for us.”

The pt Health online Product Store brings the pt Health experience full circle. Patients can find the products they need online to support their recovery, all with the same great care and attention to detail people expect from pt Health.

About pt Health

pt Health is Community Clinic Network with 230 corporate and network clinics located across Canada. pt Health clinics offer physiotherapy, massage therapy, occupational therapy, acupuncture, psychology, hand therapy, and chiropractic among other services in an interdisciplinary setting. Clinics also provide custom bracing and orthotics services, compression stockings, and home rehabilitation products.

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Fleet platform with integrated 3G camera

Hubio Fleet announces new upgrades to vehicle tracking platform

Unveiling at the Commercial Vehicle Show at the NEC, Birmingham this week, Hubio Fleet showcases the addition of an integrated 3G camera, CAN Bus technology and mobile app to their offering. As well as fuel savings and measuring driver behaviour, fleet managers can now take advantage of real-time crash and incident notification, simplifying the insurance claims process.

The new 3G camera enables fleet manager and operators to watch video footage within minutes of a driving incident occurring, allowing immediate claim intervention with first notification of loss (FNOL), helping to minimise claims and protect drivers.

In addition, Hubio Fleet has also introduced a mobile phone app that both fleet managers and drivers can use. The app gives fleet managers full visibility of their vehicles and drivers from anywhere with mobile signal. Meanwhile the driver version of the app allows drivers to monitor themselves, giving them the opportunity to improve their driving performance without needing direct intervention from the fleet manager.

Hubio Fleet’s General Manager Russell Olive says:

“We have worked hard to significantly enhance and add features that we think will dramatically benefit fleet managers.

The addition of the camera not only helps understand driving incidents, but the footage can also be used in conjunction with harsh driving alerts allowing fleet managers to coach drivers that are putting the fleet at risk.

Add to that the powerful reporting insights and the option of the CAN Bus Black Box and fleet managers really do now have a powerful and easy-to-use way of getting the best from their fleets and their drivers.”

Hubio Fleet is exhibiting at the Commercial Vehicle Show at the NEC from 25th – 27th April 2017.

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Innocare and Hearing Excellence Logos

Hearing Excellence Newest InnoCare Client

InnoCare Ltd. announces a new partnership in the audiology industry. They have partnered with Hearing Excellence, a leader in the hearing test, hearing aid, and tinnitus management market. InnoCare now offers Connect, call answering service, to all six Hearing Excellence locations across the Greater Toronto Area.

Hearing Excellence offers a mix of hearing solutions, including the highest quality hearing aids from all leading manufacturers, assistive listening devices, ear and wax hygiene products, ear and noise protection products.

InnoCare Connect utilises live agents specially trained to take calls from the medical sector. In addition, to call answering, the Connect service also includes direct booking, a secure online portal to retrieve messages, and extensive data.

InnoCare Connect is but another element of the excellent customer care Hearing Excellence offers each and every client. InnoCare is delighted to be working with Hearing Excellence to provide top-quality patient experiences. CEO Heather Shantora notes that:

“At InnoCare, we believe that the patient comes first. This expansion into the audiology industry is an exciting step for InnoCare as we continue to expand our capabilities across new healthcare sectors. Through our partnership with Hearing Excellence, InnoCare Connect will empower patients to take control of their care from their homes, at a time that suits their schedule.”

About Hearing Excellence

Founded by Sharad and Vineeta Ojha, Hearing Excellence is considered among the best in the audiology industry. All six locations have experienced clinicians on staff that offer expert knowledge on products and provide industry-leading care. In addition to products, Hearing Excellence offers expert services such as hearing tests and assessments, hearing aid care and repair, tinnitus management, earwax management, aural rehab, and more.

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InnoCare Heather on Business News Network

Interview: InnoCare CEO on Business News Network

InnoCare CEO Heather Shantora appeared live on Business News Network’s (BNN) Business Day AM, with co-hosts Amber Kanwar and Jon Erlichman. As a Canadian healthcare market leader focused on the development of innovative technology, InnoCare provides propriety cloud-based practice management software and back office administrative support services to optimise clinic operations.

In the interview, Heather highlighted the inefficiencies in the delivery of healthcare in Canada and the role of technology in reducing the administrative burden on clinicians and improving access to care for patients. Heather also discussed the features of InnoCare’s newest digital charting app, focusing on its most innovative and market defining feature; insurance form auto-population.

Watch the full interview:

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Saskatchewan Mutual Insurance Company Logo

Saskatchewan Mutual Insurance Company Goes Live with eDocs with Hubio, Obtaining CSIO Certification for Personal and Commercial Lines

Hubio, a provider of technology solutions for P&C insurers, is pleased to announce that Saskatchewan Mutual Insurance Company has obtained CSIO Certification for both Personal and Commercial Lines eDocs. They are now able to download Personal and Commercial Lines electronic documents to multiple broker management systems including Applied TAM/EPIC, Keal, CIMData, CSSI The Broker Workstation and PowerBroker.

Saskatchewan Mutual Insurance Company provides commercial, farm, personal property and liability insurance, as well as excess auto insurance. Exclusively broker-based, they have invested in a download solution in order to assist brokers in managing their customers’ needs. Now that CSIO has provided certification for Personal and Commercial Lines, Saskatchewan Mutual Insurance Company is now able to offer brokers eDoc capabilities across all their lines of business.

Laura Wiebe, President of Saskatchewan Mutual Insurance Company stated, “Over the past several years we have been making major investments to upgrade our technology, and promote broker ease-of-doing-business.  We completed the upgrade to our enterprise system and now are able to deliver solutions to help our broker partners compete. eDocs download represents one element of our investment, and we are planning further efforts to ensure we remain competitive.”

Matina Kipouros, Vice President Underwriting & Marketing at Saskatchewan Mutual Insurance Company added, “Our team was able to take eDocs live quickly, and we are pleased with the effort from Hubio. They are a leader in broker connectivity technology, and we are very happy with the solution.”

The eDocs download meets CSIO standards and is CSIO certified. Catherine Smola, President & CEO at CSIO commented, “I am very pleased that Saskatchewan Mutual Insurance Company has successfully implemented an eDocs solution that follows CSIO standards, and provides eDocs for both Personal and Commercial lines of business.”

Hubio technology is in use in many eDocs projects across Canada. Hubio technology connects brokers with insurers to improve competitiveness, enhance policyholder satisfaction, and gain overall efficiencies.


About Saskatchewan Mutual Insurance Company

Saskatchewan Mutual Insurance Company is a federally licensed insurer operating successfully in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. The Head Office is located in Saskatoon, with service offices in Calgary, Regina and Winnipeg.  As a mutual property and casualty company, Saskatchewan Mutual Insurance is owned by its policyholders and its profits are reinvested to help keep premium rates low. The Company has remained successful over the years and has never lost sight of its primary objective set out in 1908 – to provide the best service it possibly could to its policyholders.


About Hubio

Hubio digital solutions connect P&C insurers to the outside world, communicating with brokers, policy holders, and third parties through technology to drive growth, reduce costs and pursue improved customer interaction. Hubio has provided solutions to Canadian insurers for over 15 years.


About Centre for Study of Insurance Operations (CSIO)

CSIO is Canada’s industry technology association of property and casualty insurers, software providers and over 36,000 brokers. CSIO is committed to improving the consumer’s ease of doing business within the broker channel by overseeing the development, implementation and maintenance of technology standards and solutions such as eDocs, Telematics, eDelivery and eSignatures. In addition, CSIO operates CSIOnet, a secure, industry-owned platform for the efficient exchange of policy information for the broker channel. CSIO maintains offices in Toronto and Montreal. For more information, visit


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