1st CENTRAL Glen Marr

1ST CENTRAL extends its partnership with Hubio

1ST CENTRAL Insurance has extended its commitment to Hubio’s claims platform, ICE Claims, with a new agreement.

1ST CENTRAL has partnered with Hubio to provide ICE Claims and ICE Intelligence in support of its end to end claims operations since its launch in 2008. Hubio has continued to support their business with their ongoing goals of increased efficiency, better customer communication and overall cost management. Since its go-live, 1ST CENTRAL has implemented 9 Hubio ICE upgrades, with the most recent being in September 2016.

Speaking of its recent upgrade to ICE Claims, Glen Marr, Claims and Counter Fraud Director at 1ST CENTRAL commented: “I want to compliment Hubio upon how well our most recent ICE upgrade was delivered. It once again demonstrated how everyone in both organisations works well together across our projects.  We continue to take upgrades from Hubio year on year as new functionality comes into the application that we can benefit from.”

Lynette Slater, Client Services Director at Hubio said: “We have a longstanding relationship with 1ST CENTRAL, and are delighted that they have confirmed their ongoing commitment to working with Hubio with this agreement. ICE Claims gives 1ST CENTRAL the tools to achieve the automation and efficiencies needed in today’s high expectation, high availability environment.  We look forward to working further with 1ST CENTRAL to leverage the benefits of Hubio’s technology.”

For more information about the partnership, please visit www.hubio.com/1st-central-extends-partnership-hubio